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Backpack Cumberland Island - Hickory Hill - 5.5 miles
4-22-16 10:00 am - Cumberland Island Ferry
North Florida Trailblazers

Leslie and Ira will take 8 other backpackers to Hickory Hill site. We will hike with the Yankee Paradise hikers, but stop sooner. Only 8 more spots left. Please do not sign up until you know you can participate. RSVP closes Feb. 8 at 5pm. This...

Cumberland Island Earth Day Celebration Backpack w/ FULL MOON & Lyrid Showers
4-22-16 10:00 am - Cumberland Island Ferry
Outdoor Afro Atlanta

FIRST 12 PEOPLE TO COMPLETE THEIR REGISTRATION GO TO CUMBERLAND! Come celebrate Earth Day at Cumberland Island, along with a Full Moon and the Lyrid Meteor Showers. Cumberland Island has 50 miles of hiking trails meandering through maritime...

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