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Ginny Jacobs

Ginny Jacobs, Realtor
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Ginny has been in real estate for many years & has all the skills to complete the deal. You will only hear good things about her in our area. Once you know Ginny, you will love her personality but she is very knowledgeable in her work. We would recommend her... (more)


Ginny is the epitome of real estate professionals.Since we were not living in our house Ginny was always available to check on any problems that occured. She is knowledgable in contacting honest people to make repairs that are necessary.She has done an... (more)


We have used Ginny for several real estate transactions and she has always done a wonderful job for us. Ginny looks out for our best interest, is thorough in performing her duties and keeps on top of things so that we close on time. I recommend her highly and... (more)

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