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This is in response to the seller of 100 Overlook Dr, Kingsland, GA. I’d like to present all the facts as the listing agent. I started marketing this property on 1/7/11 at $268,700, renewed the listing on 7/5/11 at the reduced price of $221,700. It was not until 1/2/12 the property was listed at $198,700 to be a short sale due to the sellers need to relocate. I received an offer from an agent out of Atlanta and was accepted 4/2/12. Still pending approval from the seller’s mortgage co. On 5/11/12 the mortgage co approved the short sale and the property closed 6/8/12. I always had the seller’s interest first and foremost. I never implied I could process the short sale, the short sale forms package is between the seller and mortgage co. Before the contract, the sellers expressed their appreciation for my marketing efforts over the 14 months that I had it listed.

5 WilliamDill

Ginny has been in real estate for many years & has all the skills to complete the deal. You will only hear good things about her in our area. Once you know Ginny, you will love her personality but she is very knowledgeable in her work. We would recommend her to anyone buying or selling.

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Ginny is the epitome of real estate professionals.Since we were not living in our house Ginny was always available to check on any problems that occured. She is knowledgable in contacting honest people to make repairs that are necessary.She has done an outstanding job in representing us in the sale of our home.She has gone far and above her duties as a realtor and will always be considered a dear friend.She is highly recommended.

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Ginny Jacobs is the type of realtor who is truthful and whom you can trust. I strongly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to sell their property or to purchase. She takes the time to explain why a specific form is required and insures that all of information is kept confidential. Ginny has definitely earned the title of “Top Sales Realtor” of Camden County!

Mr. and Mrs. R. Sweeting

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Ginny Jacobs has been involved in the Camden County Real Estate business for many years. We have sold and purchased 2 homes with Ginny’s assistance. Ginny works tireless hours. Many nights you may drive by her office and see that her car is the only one in the parking lot. That in its self shows her dedication to her customers. She is always available to show a property or just sit down and answer questions. She truly has the heart of a teacher. That is what our family wanted when we were looking for an agent to sell our home. She understands foreclosures, short sales, construction loans, FHA, Fannie Mac, government programs such as VA home loans, ect… Ginny is also very well connected in Camden with contractors, builders, mortgage officers, inspectors, appraisers and has a great reputation with each. When the time comes again we will contact Ginny to sell and buy our next home!

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Ginny is a professional who can be depended upon to provide expert advice and assistance in all aspects of residential real estate. She is tireless in the pursuit of her client’s goals whether it be purchase, sale or rental.

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Ginny is a wonderful realtor.There has been two times that I wanted to see a house for sale, knowing that she was not my contracted realtor and she met with me and was courteous, helpful and informative. I would highly recommend her. Jenny Lacy

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As a first time home buyer I wasn’t sure about a lot of things, Ginny helped me through the whole process and explained everything I needed to know which eventually lead to me buying a very nice house! I highly recommend Ginny Jacobs to anyone looking to buy a home.

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Ginny was our realtor in 1997 and sold our house in less than 2 weeks! We requested her services again with selling our current home (July 2015). Our house sold in just 33 days, and at the price we wanted! She is hard working, advertises on all internet sites and local papers. She is very knowledgeable about Camden County, GA, and has great connections with other business people. Ginny is good about getting back to you, and keeping in touch, and great with “walking you through” those confusing real estate matters. Not only is she professional, but she is very personable. The kind of person that you would like to be your next door neighbor! Thanks Ginny!

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I have a professional background in corporate relocation and I found Ginny to be most professional, knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. I had a complex mortgage process and Ginny assisted to the best of her ability and kept the seller fully informed and in accord to meet my special needs till closing did occur. A rare pleasure working with a true professional!


I cannot express how grateful I am that Ginny assisted in the purchase of my new home. She was readily available for questions, flexible with appointments and my needs.

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We have used Ginny for several real estate transactions and she has always done a wonderful job for us. Ginny looks out for our best interest, is thorough in performing her duties and keeps on top of things so that we close on time. I recommend her highly and will use her again if the need arises.

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I have dealt with Mrs.Ginny on numerous occasions from selling to buying and most recently selling again and I must say the experience has been great. I told her I needed my house sold ASAP and within two months my house was sold. She puts your interest first and that’s always a positive for me. I would definitely recommend her and her partners at ERA for anything dealing with property. Once again, thanks a lot for your help and I hope the new tenants enjoy the property as much as I did. Good luck with future sells.

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Ginny was great. We really didn’t know much about the area. She gave us quite a bit of literature to help us learn more about the town the culture and the local history. When we had questions or concerns–she responded openly and honestly. We have not had much luck with relators in the past. Ginny changed that–

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